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Advantages for your Company

Business only

papaya CMS was developed for companies, charitable organizations and media outlets. For those companies who do their business online and whose online presence is essential for the success of the organization. You need security, flexibility, power, performance and transparency? The answer to your needs is papaya CMS.

Smart Power

papaya CMS has a lot to offer. It is a powerful and smart tool for developers and a reliable and high-performing system for companies of all sizes. papaya CMS is a modular program built around a consistent and compact framework. The templates are arranged in theme sets, which can be administered using a tree structure. The user interface is designed around workflow so that the user can easily navigate the toolbar and complete each step of the work process. The workload of developers and editors can be lightened by papaya CMS.

Experts at work

Behind papaya CMS is a crew of experienced and motivated top developers. As a team they work to continually develop the system and keep it up to the latest standards. papaya CMS has been at the top of the field of high-performance CMS systems for several years now. It’s not just about the constant development of new applications, but rather about constantly simplifying the system. We create the conditions for you to complete your projects efficiently and cost-effectively.

Best for Applications

Your project demands new online solutions, individual, high performing and sophisticated? Communities, Web 2.0 and detailed search masks? papaya CMS is exactly the application framework for the job. You need professional support? Anyone can make an average website, but when you want something more, you need experts. As the developers of papaya CMS, we can offer you optimal support and create a website that suits the needs of your organization.

No fee

The papaya CMS Open Source License is free. papaya CMS was developed under the GPL (General Public License); the use is free and there are no licensing costs. You want to save yourself money and nerves? By using papaya CMS you avoid the problems of proprietary systems. papaya CMS can be downloaded for free. We say: invest your money in customized system components and modules to improve performance and get a faster return on your investment.

Full service

We live from and for the service we offer.  Service is the center of our business model. In addition to programming, marketing and design, we will also gladly help you create and define concrete goals for your customized business platform. Professional support is available anytime at a reasonable price. We are there when you need us.

Open Source

Imagine: you buy a car. You are allowed to drive it – but you are not allowed to look under the hood, and changing the oil or doing other maintenance yourself is strictly forbidden. Would you put up with that? No? Neither would we.

We believe in Open Source. Open source code gives you independence and control. It is the only way for you to maintain control over your own digital infrastructure.  Any experienced programmer, one of your staff, can maintain and develop your project. That means you can write new extensions and applications, or have them written for you. In contrast to many commercial products, you have a degree of security that our product is flexible enough to fill all your needs.

High Performance

Scalability, load balancing and clustering are not a problem for papaya CMS. The system is well suited for running high-volume portals.

Quality matters

As owners of an Open Source product, we are used to having members of our Community take a critical look at our product and challenge us to improve it. The result is an especially open and trusting relationship to our users and customers that helps us maintain a top quality product.