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Basic information

papaya CMS is a Content Management System and a framework for individual Programs - customizable for everyone from small business to international corporations and NGOs. Able to meet the demands of large projects with short implementation phases, the software has been making our customers happy for years.

We rely on Open Source and on open standards like XML for data storage and XSLT for template. For the programming we use the open source programming language PHP. We are a company that gives away its software. Yes, that’s right: you can download papaya for free. Top quality for nothing, no licenses, no catch. We earn our money with service – with what we can do for you personally: industry-specific and individual. You save money on IT costs and we profit from the fruits of our labor.

Supported Operating Systems

Linux, Unix, Windows NT-Family, Windows Server, Mac OSX Server.


Supported Client Systems

Every modern Desktop System with an up-to-date web browser such as Firefox (Version 1.5.x or above), Internet Explorer (Version 6.0 or above), Safari (Version 3.x or above), Google Chrome.


Supported Web Servers

Servers with PHP-, XSLT- and Support for URL-Rewriting preferred: Apache, NGINX, PHP: Built-In, Lighthttpd


Supported Databank Systems

MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite3. Other relational databank systems can be easily integrated using databank abstraction.


Script Languages

PHP 7, XSLT (Template language). It is possible to integrate the products of external scripts/applications into the system using special modules.


Other Software

In addition to a web server, papaya CMS requires a databank server and a PHP with activated XSLT extension.

We thank you for your interest in papaya CMS and would like to show you more of what makes us special. Have a look at our performance characteristics and see for yourself what papaya CMS has to offer.

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