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Bugtracker Reporting an error and suggesting improvements

You can participate in the development and improvement of papaya CMS. You don't need to be a good programmer to help. Just tell us when you miss an important function or when you've spottet an error.

We use the GitHub issue-tracker for the registration of error messages and feature requests. Bug tracking enables you to track our handling of your ticket in a transparent way.

Reporting an issue

When you want to report an error, you should give us some more details:

  • Which version of papaya CMS were you using?
    Right now, there are various version of papaya CMS in use: papaya CMS 4, papaya CMS 5 beta, papaya CMS 5 RC1 as well as the nightly builds of papaya CMS 5. In order to enable us to assign your report to the correct papaya-Version, you need to tell us the version you were using.
  • Which browser are you using?
    Some errors are related with the JavaScript in papaya CMS. This generally affects the rich text editor which is completely implemented in javascript. But there are other javascript based components in papaya CMS. Since most browsers use different javascript implementations, it is vitally important that you tell us what kind of browser and which version you are using.
  • Which operating system do you use?
    Webbrowsers can display web pages quite diffently on different clients. This depends not only on the display resolution, but also on the operating system (windows, linux, mac os). Since papaya CMS has not been testet with all possible operating systems, it is possible that some combinations of webbrowser, operating system, and hardware plattform will cause problems.
  • Which component of papaya CMS is affected by the problem?
    Please tell us the name of the module or the core component of papaya CMS that has been affected by the error.
  • How does the error present itself?
    Please explain us the nature of the error. Are pages rendered erroneous? Does papaya CMS deliver white pages? Do you see error messages? It is advisable that you turn on error logging and take a look at the protocol in the papaya backend.
  • Can you reproduce the error?
    Does the error occur always when you request the page? If not, under which circumstances does the error occur?

Suggest a new feature / an enhancement

When you want to suggest a new feature, you can post an enhancement request in our bugtracker. Feature requests can be related to following points:

  • Improving an existing function
    Some functions can be improved just by reordering or redesigning the user interface. You can suggest some improvements or new designs in a bug report. User interface enhancements also extend to the terminology used in the backend. If you can think of a better wording for input fields, buttons, or labels, you can help us enhance the usability of the user interface.
  • Suggesting a new function
    In case you know of a certain function in an other CMS and you would like to see this function implemented in papaya CMS, you can post a feature request in our bugtracker.