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Content Syndication

Your own content can simply be exported as an RSS feed. External content can be embedded via a special module. In addition, the output of external programs can be integrated. Papaya CMS can use e.g. RDF/RSS and any other XML application for exchanging and transferring content. Of course, external database access can be realized.

Create RSS-Feeds

RSS feeds can be generated directly from overview pages with an additional template.

Include external RSS-Feeds

RSS feeds from other sites can appear in boxes on you own site. As with an RSS feed reader, titles and teasers of external contributions are simply displayed and linked to the main article. The users of your site can reach the other site by clicking on the main article.

Complete transfer of content

The RSS format can also be used to take over full articles from other sites on your site while the content is represented exclusively by papaya CMS without any need to link to external sites. The RSS format can also be used to import content into the database by papaya CMS, seeImport of content.

Present content through database access

Content that is stored in an external database that can be easily processed as XML and displayed on the website.

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