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Download papaya CMS. The comprehensive system offers numerous features that are available under an Open-Source-License (GPL) completely free of charge. You can add more features trough free and paid extensions.

Short installation guide for papaya CMS using GitHub and composer

For more than a year, papaya CMS has been hosted and developed in a public repository on github.com. If you want to install the latest version, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Download the current "papaya CMS Core“ package from https://github.com/papayaCMS/papayacms-core — either by clicking on the "Download ZIP“ button in the right column or by entering git clone https://github.com/papayaCMS/papayacms-core.git [target folder] into a terminal. If you have downloaded the ZIP, you need to unpack it afterwards.
  2. If you do not have the composer package manager yet, point your browser to the web page https://getcomposer.org/download/ and follow the instructions there. Please note that you need a PHP installation on the computer on which you want to install and use composer.
  3. Navigate to the core package’s directory and enter composer install .(Depending on your operating system and the way you installed composer, you may have to use php composer.jar install instead.) The composer will now install various dependent packages.
  4. It may happen that you will be asked for a GitHub OAuth token during the composer installation. The request will contain a link you can copy and enter into a browser’s URL field. Log in to GitHub or create a (free) account if you don’t have any, and then follow the on-screen instructions to create your token. Now you can copy the newly created token to the clipboard and paste it to the terminal.


After completing these steps, you will have a complete papaya CMS and can set it up using the instructions in the various official documentations; use the English papaya CMS Wiki http://en.wiki.papaya-cms.com/wiki/Main_Page to get started.

More information is available in the "read me" file for the GitHub package.

Current Releases

  Version Release Date        
papaya CMS 5.5.2 12.02.2013 Changelog
Update Notes
papaya CMS 5.6  -  Changelog
Update Notes
ZIP TGZ Branch
papaya CMS 5.x nightly build automatic nightly export Info ZIP TGZ Trunk

Tools / Skripts

  Release Date    
.htaccess Generator 2013 Link  
gopapaya.php 30.09.2009 ZIP  
With this script you can test, if your server servers all the prerequisites for papaya CMS. Upload and run the script and you are done.