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Download papaya CMS. The feature rich content management system offers you various features you can use at no charge at all, granted by the open source license GPL 2.0. You can extend papaya CMS by plugging in a number of free and commercial extensions.

Downloads on this page include:

Download papaya CMS as stable release or as nightly

  Version Release Date      
papaya CMS 5.5.2 2013-02-12 Changelog
Update Notes
papaya CMS 5.x nightly build exported autom. every night Info ZIP TGZ

Getting papaya CMS from our github repository

You can now check out papaya CMS from our github repository. 


Some helper scripts for papaya CMS

  Release date    
gopapaya.php 2009-09-30 ZIP  
This script tests your webserver's compatibility with papaya CMS. All you need to do is upload and execute it.