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Free Plug-ins


Our “Countries” application makes it easy for you to create forms for international addresses. It contains a list of countries ordered by continent. The country lists can be easily integrated into your contact form.more


“Domains” helps you manage multiple websites in papaya CMS.  With a papaya installation you can administer multiple domains and subdomains in different subtrees.more


Using the “FAQ” application you can create and manage lists of frequently asked questions and their answers. The page and box modules in the package present the FAQs on your website and offer your users both a standard navigation and a comfortable search function.more


The “Feedback” application contains an editor that you can use to design contact or survey pages. User feedback can then be saved in a database or be sent directly per email.more


Using the “Forums” application you can create and manage multiple forums. You can edit or delete posts and threads as necessary.more


The “LinkDB” Plug-in helps you organize link to other websites. You can enter a short explanation for each linkmore


With the “Newsletter” application you can make and administer an unlimited number of subscriber lists as well as creating and editing the actual mailings. The individual newsletters are then sent as emails to the subscribers.more

Page Rating

The “Page Rating” application lets your users rate articles on the site.  You gain an overview of which articles your users like and dislike and have a way to monitor overall user happiness.more


Using the “Poll” Plug-in you can integrate small surveys into your website.  You can assign a question as many answers as you want.more


Using the “Quiz” application you can create and manage multiple quizzes. A quiz contains multiple questions that can be assigned different answers.more


The “Calendar” application lets you publicize News and Events on your website. Regularly occurring events can be published automatically.more


The “Catalog” helps you to create complex navigational structures. You can tag each page with multiple words, which gives your users the opportunity to find content in varying ways.more


The “Community” application is a tool with which you can administer the accounts of registered users on your website. You can create accounts manually, activate and deactivate them.more