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Using the Media DB, it is fundamentally possible to upload and administer all file types. Graphics can also be linked into articles and files can be offered for download. Different XML documents can be imported over an XSLT import template.

File type recognition in the MediaDB

The MediaDB has automatic file type recognition. This ensures that all of the necessary file information such as MIME type, size and file name is saved as metadata. Using this information, papaya CMS can determine if the file is in a web graphic format. Web graphics can then be easily integrated into websites. If you want to add a video to your website, papaya CMS will automatically insert its integrated video player to play the video.

Freely expandable import interface

Using the freely expandable import interface you can upload any document as an article in papaya CMS. XML-based file formats (such as those used in newer versions of Microsoft Word or Open Office) are converted into the XML format in which papaya CMS stores data using the XSLT import filter. The modular structure of papaya CMS also allows you to write your own import filter, if you need to import content from proprietary binary formats such as older versions of Word or Excel.

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