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papaya CMS 5.2

Changes for papaya CMS from version 5.2 to 5.2.1:

Interesting for developers:

  • The theme wrappers now support the parameter group in addition to files. A group is a set of files to keep the URL short. See the class phpdoc of PapayaThemeWrapperGroup for how to define those groups.
  • New edit field type individualrichtext that is not automatically transformed with the rich text editor, so a module specific javascript can load a rich text editor with its own settings and customizations.

Backward incompatible changes:

  • PapayaInterfaceControl::appendTo(PapayaXmlNodeInterface $parent) was changed to appendTo(PapayaXmlElement $parent)
  • papaya-lib/system/Papaya/HTTP was renamed to papaya-lib/system/Papaya/Http
  • getApplication()->plugins now returns PapayaPluginLoader instead of base_pluginloader

Changes for papaya CMS from version 5.1 to 5.2:

Interesting for users/administrators:

  • New module "Twitter" to display status messages of a Twitter user.
  • Updated the "code cleanup" functions of the rich text editor, thus it does not filter out embedded iframes any more.

Interesting for developers:

  • Some noteworthy new classes: PapayaMessage, PapayaInterfaceDialog, PapayaUtilConstraints
  • Support for FirePHP using the option PAPAYA_PROTOCOL_WILDFIRE.
  • There is now a handler for uncaught exceptions so that they get logged like PHP errors.

Backward incompatible changes:

  • Some debugging options (starting with PAPAYA_DBG_) were replaced with new ones (starting with PAPAYA_LOG_, PAPAYA_PROTOCOL_, or PAPAYA_QUERYLOG_).
  • base_object::logMsg() may not be called as a static function any more (it was not declared static before, but calling it as a static function worked and was used in code).
  • In two dialogs in the XML from papaya-lib/modules/_base/community/content_profile.php (module name for templates: content_profile) a duplicate submit button was removed. This will likely mean previous templates for this module may now display no button at all and need to be fixed.
  • The constants PAPAYA_REQUEST_DATA_SOURCE_* from papaya-lib/system/Papaya/Request.php were replaced by PapayaRequest::SOURCE_* variants.