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We about us

Our team meets in the Office not only to earn his wages, to develop papaya CMS, to satisfy customers and to fix bugs. We get creative and each and every day we want to promote the success of our open source CMS.

We define ourselves as an open-minded and dedicated team of employees and always ensure that papaya is a great workplace. In the end only satisfied and well-balanced people achieve optimum results.

Since the beginning of its development, papaya CMS has always been updated and optimized. The transition from a proprietary product to an open source CMS has matured the system and we get new inspiration steadily from our community of customers and partners.

We for you

We focus on open source. Plaintext: We are a company that is giving away its software. You can simply download papaya CMS and get top quality for free. We earn our money with our service - with what we can do for you personally. Industry-specific and individually. That gives us the fruits of our work and will helps you to save on your IT.

We develop solutions that can be adapted seamlessly to your existing infrastructure. Together with our network of partners we provide you with services around the use of the papaya CMS, take over project management or tailor custom solutions to your specific needs.