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Details on licensing rights

papaya CMS is licensed under the terms of the GPL 2.0, meaning that all modules and extensions need to adapt this license as well. You can learn more about the licensing poilicy of papaya CMS in License.

There are two ways you can extend papaya CMS :

  • Developing new modules
  • Changing and extending the core system as well as customizing existing modules

Developing new modules

All new modules and applications need to be licensed under the terms of the GPL. The reason is that modules are interpreted as extensions in the sense of the GPL. The GPL regards modules as modifications that cannot be considered independent and separate works in themselves, since they need the papaya core system to run.

In case you do not want to use the GPL license, you can buy a commercial license from us, see License.

Customizing the core system or existing modules

Since papaya CMS is distributed under a dual license, we can take over your changes and extensions only if you grant us the complete right of use for your extensions.

The changes to the core system also include bug fixes. In this case, you also need to grant us the complete right of use in order to enable us to build in your corrections.