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As you have probably already noticed: we are Open Source by conviction.  We believe that software source code should be freely available.

papaya CMS is available for free under the GPL (Version 2). It is free for you to use, you have access to the complete source code and receive comprehensive use and editing rights.

Software is a company’s central nervous system and that also applies to Content Management Systems. Open Source takes the central importance of software into account. It keeps the software transparent, understandable and controllable for you the licensee, not just for the software’s owner.


We demand that you be given control of your own digital infrastructure. Open Source software like papaya CMS is open to everyone as a matter of principle. This protects the user from fundamental limitations. With commercial software producers you often have to pay for updates and are dependent on the producer for many unpredictable things.

On the cutting edge

Open Source has long since proven that it can compete with commercial software. Linux and others started the trend and Open Source now makes up almost 1/3 of the European market. papaya CMS has been at the forefront of this movement.


The General Public License is the most widely used Open Source license.  papaya CMS has been available under the GPL since the 4th Version was published.  This internationally valid License guarantees open source code, free system usage and comprehensive alteration rights. For free, of course.

Licensing Costs

Software costs often take up 30% or more of a project budget, with no guarantee that the software will help your project succeed. With papaya CMS these costs are eliminated. In the end, it is the performance that counts – and performance is our focus at papaya. The money you save on software can be better invested in, for example, system applications or online marketing efforts.

Quality Management

Once more with feeling: anyone who knows the programming language that a software is written in can alter it for their purposes. That is why this code is usually kept completely secret. With papaya CMS the code is open  - this creates transparency and increases the quality of the program. Every user and every customer has the right and the possibility to change the software to suit their needs. In this spirit, a large number of developers, both here in house and at our customers, are continually optimizing the system. No company in the world can afford that kind of quality management. papaya CMS customers get it for free.


A content management system is only good if it can be integrated easily into existing company structures and processes. papaya CMS is flexible enough to meet these needs.

The GPL “Virus”

If you want to integrate a program with papaya CMS or any other GPL code or want to write an application on the basis of papaya CMS codes, the programs will automatically be made GPL compliant. This procedure has been one of the driving forces behind the expansion of Open Source. If you want to prevent your software from being available under the GPL, you can purchase a commercial license from us.

Commercial Licensing

If you wish to sell a software that only functions together with papaya CMS, then you must purchase a commercial license.

Please use our contact form to send your licensing request.