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Load distribution means there are no limits.  The system can be scaled freely as with any Linux/Unix environment.  Web pages can be stored in a cache (boxes and sidebars) for a programmed timeframe and statically delivered. This reduces the delivery time by a factor of 10 (approx.).

System Scalability

papaya CMS can be run on simple servers with PHP and one of the supported databank servers such as MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite. Unix compatible operating systems such as Linux are preferred.  With this basic configuration, the web and databank servers are the same – a system that works for most websites and can handle a fairly large number of website hits.

If more performance is needed for a high-traffic website, papaya CMS can be scaled to meet your needs every step of the way:

  1. Operation of the web server and databank on separate dedicated servers

If the Statistics module is being used: Operation of the statistics databank on a separate server

  1. Use of additional databank – web server tandems with load distribution via Round Robin or load balancing
  2. Expansion of the system with pools of web servers and databank servers (Master/Slave or Cluster) with load distribution via load balancer or Round-Robin

Multi-level caching

papaya CMS has a multi-level caching system.  Using this system, both the XML data for the page and box modules and the delivery target for the pages (HTML, Preprint, PDF) can be stored in the cache. The advantage of caching the XML data is that the website doesn’t need to access the databank every time. Rather, the stored XML data can be formatted directly into the desired delivery format. The required pages are delivered statically.

Fine-grained caching settings possible

You can determine to the second how long the page and box modules should be stored in the cache. You can either define central storage times for page delivery or enter a storage time for how long each page and each box should be stored before being generated again. With this system it is possible to completely deactivate caching for specific boxes or pages.

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