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Extensible Markup Language

The administration of content in the whole papaya CMS system is based on XML. Pages are delivered in XML by the Page Module and are transformed into the desired output format using the Format template (XSLT Templates). The template language XSLT is an XML application.

XML – an Open Industry Standard

XML is a W3C standardized Meta-language, which can be used to write application specific markup languages. XML is a popular industry standard that, thanks to its wide distribution, simplifies the exchange of information between different applications.

XSLT as Template Language

In choosing XSLT as our Template Language we purposefully decided for an open format. Since XSLT was designed for editing XML-source documents, it is the perfect solution for papaya CMS.  XSLT processors can also be set up so that the output format is always a valid XML-, HTML-, or XHTML document.

XSLT is not restricted to papaya CMS. Just like XML, XSLT is an open W3C-Standard and can be used in many areas and with other applications for the editing of XML documents. Therefore, web developers who learn to use XSLT can also use these skills in other areas.

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